FlowRider, Inc. started in WhiteWater West Industries (WWI). WWI designs and builds epic water parks and attractions. At Flow House, you can live, surf, work, and have fun out of the contemporary aspect of waterparks. Our crew here has a rock steady purpose and a ton of passion, so we are always pumped to help you bring the lifestyle, anywhere from sea to land with the help of a FlowRider machine.


Stepping into Clear Lounge is like stepping into the future. You’ll feel the weightlessness of the underwater world all around you, while the colorful lights and bubbles, mixed with refreshing, aromatic oxygen exhilarate your senses. It’s a whole body, multi-sensory experience.


At Flow House our wave pool is a swimming pool in which there are artificially generated, reasonably large waves, similar to those of the ocean. Wave pools are often is our outdoor attraction, as well as some leisure of serinity.